What is Group Obedience?

One of the most important training aspects and goals to achieve in your obedience journey with your dog is how they interact when there are distractions such as other dogs around. It is extremely common for your dog to get overly excited and less focused in an environment where they are not the only dog present. This is where the benefits of group obedience come into play with professional dog training.  

What the Setting Looks Like

The format of our group obedience classes are structured so that they consist of 10-session courses. These sessions take place every weekend for an hour and a half. The consistency of this structure will be what your dog needs to maintain their knowledge throughout the process. Consistency is key as your dog will learn what you expect of them and how to respond properly. Your dog wants to please you and when they figure out how to do so you will both be so much happier. 

Benefits and Goals

The focus of these classes are to achieve every day simple commands. Examples of these commands include: sit, stay, and heel. These simple commands will make interactions with other dogs much easier on both your dog and other dogs passing by you. You will also notice how much easier it becomes to take your dog on a simple walk or errand when you can trust they will focus and listen when the time comes. Our group obedience courses are the perfect way to lead into an introduction of highly trained protection dogs. At the end of your course there will be the option to see what an introduction into these types of classes would feel like. This is not required but it is a great way to test the waters. 

Overall, if you have been struggling with simple commands with your dog or puppy our team of skilled professional dog training experts are here to help. If you have any questions please reach out to our team. We can’t wait to get to know your newest family member!

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