Why are German Shepherd’s Good Family Protection Dogs?

If you have been searching for family protection dogs for sale near me you
may have noticed a trend in that most search results will show trained German
Shepherds. This is for a very good reason. While there are many breeds to choose
from that may have some characteristics that make a good protection dog, German
Shepherds have all the traits necessary without lacking any. Some of these traits are
explained below.

Naturally loyal: It is important that your protection dog feel naturally loyal
so that they have the instinct to protect. This helps to make training easier as it
comes naturally to them. Most often even an untrained German Shepherd is
naturally loyal in protecting their owners.

Protective: Not all dogs have protective instincts but German Shepherds are
extremely protective. They will always act “on guard” in all situations to make sure
their owners are safe.

Strong: Strength is a very important attribute in considering a protection
dog if they are going to successfully protect your family. German Shepherd’s
naturally large body size has strong muscles and they often want to show off their

Intelligent: Intelligence is also a very important trait when it comes to
training your protection dog and this breed is surely not lacking. They are often
considered too smart for their own good if not put to work and/or trained. German
Shepherds crave a challenge and thoroughly enjoy being working dogs.

If you have been searching for the best family protection dog we would be happy to
help you find the right fit for your family. While all of our dogs will have the traits
listed above they all have unique personality features. Give us a call today to discuss
what personality types would fit your family’s lifestyle best!

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