What goes into Training a Protection Dog?

We are all familiar with basic dog commands. Sit, stay, shake, etc are all used as a basis for obedience training. We do offer this type of training in both group and private sessions, but at Wolfgang Expert Dog Training, we also spend a lot of time training our family protection dogs. 

The type of training that these dogs undergo is beyond basic training and is also different from that of a police or military dog. Unlike a police or military dog, a personal protection dog is trained to be responsible for its own temper and does not just follow commands. It is a delicate balance of behavioral and obedience training, one that allows the dog to act on its own instinct while also being aware of what is a threat and what is not. 

The bond between your family and your personal protection dog is one that will only grow over time. Our dogs are all trained with children around so they are comfortable with even the smallest members of your family. We match our dogs not only based on your own needs and wants, but also keep with the personality of our own dogs. Having a deep understanding of how to read the K9 personality is one quality that sets us apart from your standard dog trainer. 

It isn’t just the personality of our dogs, it is also the anatomy. The vast majority of our personal protection dogs are German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois, two breeds that are known for their ability to be trained, high energy levels, and obedience and commitment to their owners. Our dogs do obstacle training, hands (and paws) on training, and are taught how to react to a variety of scenarios. We can also train one of our dogs to fulfill your needs if it is not already covered by our extensive training regime. 

If you are looking for protection K9 training our facilities in Gardena, CA and Palmdale, CA may be able to help. For decades we have been providing high quality training to dogs and their owners, helping them to live a better, safer life. We also have many family protection dogs for sale and look forward to helping you match with your K9 protector.  

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