3 Advantages to Private Dog Training Sessions

Getting a dog also means that as the owner, you are also accepting the responsibility of training the dog. Just like how you teach your child manners, the same principles apply to your dog. There are two main types of classes, group classes or private classes. While each has its benefits, today we are going to go over 3 advantages of private training sessions. 

A Customized Training Plan- Your dog is an individual who has specific behaviors and needs, both positive and negative. A private session means that your trainer can customize a plan that focuses on what your dog needs to work on. Say your dog is aggressive towards other dogs. Working one on one with your trainer means that that specific behavior will be able to be targeted and fixed. 

No Distractions- In any classroom style environment there are going to be distractions. In a group session, this is very obvious and having the dog that is distracting the others is not a title you want. Individual sessions that are focused around your dog means that they are going to be able to better concentrate and therefore absorb their training. It also means that as the owner, you will be able to benefit from being able to speak to your trainer freely without worrying about taking up all the attention like in a group setting. 

Flexibility and Consistency- One on one training is going to provide for your dog the consistency that they need to best learn their new skills. Whether you are having them trained as a personal protection dog or just furthering their basic skills, it is all possible through consistent training with the right professionals. Flexibility comes with having the options to schedule your sessions at times that work for both you and your trainer, meaning you are not restricted to the few times a week group sessions may be held. 

Private sessions means that your dog is trained to your specific lifestyle and goals. Our award winning training can help you reach those goals. In addition to our dog defence training, we also have trained protection dogs for sale. 

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