Socializing your Puppy

Socializing your puppy is an incredibly important part of basic training. Not only does this make your dog more comfortable with their surroundings but it will also help make you a more confident dog owner. Helping your dog to socialize can start as soon as they are about 3 weeks old! Here we will briefly go over some socializing techniques that you can do with your puppy. 

 A dog is going to absorb the most information at a young age, between 3-20 weeks old. Engaging your puppy’s senses in different ways helps them to become well adjusted to their space. From the moment you bring your new dog home, have them explore your home. Make sure to watch them and maybe help them up and down the stairs if needed. If you have a bed for them or food and water dishes, make sure to indicate where they are. In your outdoor space, give them lots of time to sniff around. 

In addition to their home space, going on walks is especially vital to help your dog develop a sense of direction. On your walk, make sure to ask other dog owners if your dogs can interact. Going to a dog park, group obedience classes, or having a friend bring over their friendly dog are other great ways to socialize your dog. As much as your dog needs to get familiar with other dogs, having them interact with other people of many ages is also important. Having positive interactions whether with children or adults is what helps make your dog a family dog. Activities like play time, petting, brushing, and even giving them a bath all build positive reinforcement.  

A dreaded part of dog ownership is when you have to leave your dog alone. Having this be a practice that you start at a young age will help prevent separation anxiety down the road. Having lots of toys for them to chew and bite on will help keep them distracted and also teach them to be independent. 

As your puppy grows, it may be a good idea to start looking for the best dog training school in your area. If you are looking for protection k9 training our team has decades of experience in training highly effective family protection dogs. We also provide guard dog attack training so that you feel safe no matter where you are. 

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