The difference between a German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois

There are several types of dogs that are considered to be the among the best when it comes to training for the highly coveted position of a family protection or personal protection dog. Among these, the German Shepherd (GS) and the Belgian Malinois (BM) are constantly ranking at the top. Here we are going to go over the differences between these two breeds who are often mistaken for being the same. 

The German Shepherd is a breed that was first recognized in Germany in the late 1900s. These dogs were first bred with the goal of finding a balance in the physical characteristics of the breed. Distinct faces, a strong neck and an agile body are just a few things that help the GS to stand out. Males generally weigh between 65-90 lbs while females weigh between 50-70 lbs. Their coats often have common colorings such as black and tan and generally have dark eyes. Their fur is longer than the BM and there are now even long haired GS on the circuit. The intelligence of these dogs is what allows them to take a hold of training so well and they are naturally protectors in their own right.  

Also naturally protective and intelligent are the Belgian Malinois who stem from a line known as the Belgian shepherds whose other breeds include the Belgian Tervuren, the Belgian sheepdog, and the Laekenois. Unlike these other dogs the BM has the unique distinction of being the only shorter haired breed. They are generally lighter in color and weight less than the GS. Females range from 40-60 lbs and males between 60-80 lbs. Despite their smaller size, although not by much, they are still incredibly strong and are even considered to be more energetic than GS. 

Both the German Shepherd and the Belgian Malinois descend from herding dogs which more commonly now is referred to as working dogs. These are dogs that enjoy various stimulating activities outside of just a daily walk or run. Professional dog training is essential to ensure the best comes out of these breeds. 

If you find yourself looking up ‘how to train a protection dog’ we highly encourage you to leave it to the professionals. We offer attack dog training in our Southern California facility as well as having our own expertly trained K9 family protection dogs for sale.

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